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We're a brand consultancy lead by Andy Cogdon, a brand strategist and designer who's been working in the creative industries for over 15 years, bridging the gap between strategy and creativity.

Whether you're launching a new product, refreshing your identity, or repositioning your business for a new era, we love helping teams unlock the power of their brand.

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We all know that a brand is not a logo...
But, when a logo becomes symbolic of the values and characteristics of your business, we attribute the word BRAND.
Why Your Brand Matters
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We love logos, but a new logo is not going to change your brand. We need to go a lot deeper if we want to build a brand that matters to you, your people, and your customers.

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What is your enduring character, why does the world need you, what would be missed if you were gone? 

Purpose Statement
Core Values
Brand Personality
Vision Icon


Which direction are you headed, who do you want to become, how do you plan to get there?

Future Casting
Journey Milestones
Vision Statement
Customer Icon


Who are they, what are they looking for, what drives their behaviour, how can we engage them better?

Customer Analysis
Profiles / Avatars
Journey Mapping
Proposition Icon


How do you create value, what makes your offering different, do your customers understand it?

Value Proposition
Competitor Analysis
Brand Positioning
Messaging Icon


How do you communicate your message in a relatable way that engages your audience?

Brand Narrative
Tone of Voice
Key Messaging
Branding Icon


Does your visual identity will set the tone and reflect your brand’s personality to your audience?

Naming / Logo
Branding Elements
Imagery / Typography
Brand Sprints
Launch, Refresh or Transition your Brand in just 3-5 days

A Brand Sprint is a fast paced, highly productive (but fun!) workshop set over consecutive days that brings together your team to work on your brand.

The Brand Sprint focuses your team on what makes up your brand; getting clarity on your purpose, vision, customer & core offering; and how you position yourself against your competitors in the market.

Brand Sprints
Your brand design partner

We believe good design has the power to solve some of your biggest business problems; an unfocused brand and outdated branding, unclear message and value proposition, swamped by competitors and competing on price.

Bridging the gap between brand strategy and design communications gives us a clearer perspective on how brands are built. It allows us to be strategic about design, and bring a creative approach to strategy.

Branding Design
Brand Management
Bring our brand development and management skillset in-house

Are looking for external expertise to bring in-house to help with brand development and on-going oversight? If so, we can help you with Brand Management.

Working with with key staff, and being accountable to your leadership team, we can pour all our knowledge and know-how into developing your brand with and for you.

Brand Management

If you’re struggling to stand out, fed up of competing on price, your message is getting lost, or you're losing out to more established brands... This workshop is for you!

We will teach you the basic building blocks of Brand creation & management, and show you how to apply them effectively in your business context.


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