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Branding design specialists

DYNAMX is a branding design company, based in Derby. We work with companies, organisation and events to create brand identities which capture their personality and help communicate their message to their customers.

shaping authentic brands

As your brand and design communications partner; we will help you uncover your own distinctive and authentic brand personality, and develop your brand’s visual identity, marketing collateral and communications strategy.

1. Strategy

Our approach to design always starts with strategy. If we don’t understand what we’re designing, we’re not going to be able to create something which is true and authentic to you. Through meetings, strategy sessions and workshops, we listen to your stories, understand your product & process, and try to get into the mind of your customer.

2. Branding

We create design and identity systems which are engaging, coherent, flexible, and designed to last. We believe good branding should do 4 things really well;

  1. Capture people’s attention - it can’t be bland, it must stand out
  2. Communicate personality -  characteristics of your brand people relate to
  3. Create distinction - differentiating you from your competitors
  4. Connect the dots - uniting everyone in a bigger brand story.

3. Marketing

Once the logo, identity system and style guide is in place, we can help you to implement your new branding across your marketing and media platforms, offering Print Design / Website Design / Video Production. To see examples of our work in action, browse through our collection of project case studies.

Andy Cogdon

Andy is a designer and brand strategist with nearly 20 years of experience in the creative industries. Christian, husband, tennis lover, musician, and tea addict, Andy is passionate about showing business and organisations of all different sizes how they can be better through design.

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