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Brand Management

Are looking for external expertise to bring in-house to help with brand development and on-going oversight? If so, we can help you with Brand Management.
If your brand is has become outdated, fragmented or irrelevant over time, we can work with you to bring clarity and consistency, and refocus your brand for the future.
Why your brand matters
Research, Strategy, Branding, Implementation, Management


Working with with key staff, and being accountable to your leadership team, we can pour all our knowledge and know-how into developing your brand with and for you.

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Lead the brand development process, being pro-active and taking responsibility for creative and strategic direction.
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To work with the managerial team to refocus the brand and get stakeholder buy-in.
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To create/develop/evolve your brand identity and create a set of design guidelines to ensure consistency.
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Develop a clear and distinctive value proposition and brand narrative that is easy to understand and engage with.
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Re-energise the branding and develop the marketing material to support the sales team.
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Oversee print management, production and roll out.
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To help in the development of your website and digital presence.
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To continue to move the brand forward after relaunch to keep it fresh / innovative.
Who is it for?
Brand Management is ideal for companies or organisations that span multiple departments or offerings, requiring ongoing oversight, alignment and development. We'll ensure your brand is always working for you, not against you.
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Below is an overview of the stages of the brand development process. Every company / organisation is different and the challenges can vary the size and scope of the Management contract.



Grounding all work in insight with indepth research to understand the problems & opportunities for growth.

Buyer Personas
Brand Audit
Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis


Identify the opportunity, and work with the leadership to agree the brand ideals, ensuring stakeholder buy-in.

Purpose Statement
Vision Statement
Value Proposition
Brand Alignment


Redesign or re-energise your visual identity and communications to align with your brand ideals.

Visual Identity
Brand Style Guide
Verbal Branding


Ensuring consistency and clarity of your brand image and message across all platforms and behaviours.

Print / Web / Video
Digital / Social Media
Interiors / Display
Marketing Material


Overseeing the continually develop and execution of the brand to maintain relevance and growth.

Marketing support
Branding oversight
Brand reviews
Ongoing Development
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Sprint Team

Lindsey Newman-Wood

Lindsey is a Marketing & Brand Consultant and Sprint Master with over 20 years experience in the Marketing Sector. Lindsey's superpower is her ability to ‘cut through the clutter’ and get teams to work better together to achieve great things for the business.

Andy CogDon

Andy is a brand consultant coming from a design background, able to bridge the gap between design communications and strategic thinking. With over 15 years in the creative industries, his superpower is being able to make complex ideas simple to understand and bring them to life, fast.

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