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what is a sprint?

A Brand Sprint is a fast paced, highly productive (but fun!) workshop set over consecutive days that brings together your team to work on your brand.
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We bring together your key staff team and, with the support of our specialist brand team, we strip back your organisation to get to grips with what’s important to you and your clients.

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Define your core purpose and brand personality
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Identify your audience and understand their needs
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Decide a on shared future vision and create a roadmap
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Refine your messaging to resonate with your audience
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Differentiate yourself  with a distinctive value proposition
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Design your branding to stand out from the competition
Focus your Team
The whole process is very inclusive and even the quietest or most junior team member gets to have a voice.
Your team members should include a decision maker (owner), and employees of various levels and service within the business. It’s not about all outspoken people, it’s about the people who will contribute great value and think creatively about how they see the business.
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The Brand Sprint focuses your team on what makes up your brand; getting clarity on your purpose, vision, customer & core offering; and how you position yourself against your competitors in the market.


What is your enduring character, why does the world need you, what would be missed if you were gone? 

Purpose Statement
Core Values
Brand Personality


Which direction are you headed, who do you want to become, how do you plan to get there?

Future Casting
Journey Milestones
Vision Statement


Who are they, what are they looking for, what drives their behaviour, how can we engage them better?

Customer Analysis
Profiles / Avatars
Journey Mapping


How do you create value, what makes your offering different, do your customers understand it?

Value Proposition
Competitor Analysis
Brand Positioning
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In a 4 Day Sprint, we spend a day focusing on your key messaging for your Marketing and communications.
We will help you develop a narrative framework which communicates your message in a relatable way that engages your audience, and apply this to a chosen part of your marketing collateral - eg. Website homepage.
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Brand Narrative
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Tone of Voice
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Key Messaging
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Book sprintSPRINT OPtions
In a 5 Day Sprint, we spend a day focusing on your branding and visual identity.
Your visual identity sets the tone for how people interpret your brand. We will work together develop your identity and choose the appropriate fonts, colours and imagery that best reflect your brand’s personality.
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Naming / Logo
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Branding Toolkit
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Book SprintSPRINT OPtions
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Sprint Options

We recognise the challenges facing every organisation are different. Before we run your sprint, we will work with you to tailor it to your specific context, needs, and desired outcomes.

3 Day Sprint


3 Day Sprint covers the following:

Future Roadmap
Purpose statement
Customer avatars
Core values
Vision statement
Value proposition
Competitor analysis
Brand positioning
Brand Personality
Clarify your offering

From £6,000

4 Day Sprint


Everything in the 3 Day Sprint, plus:

Brand Narrative
Tone of Voice
Key Messaging
Wireframe Homepage

From £8,000

5 Day Sprint


Everything in the 4 Day Sprint, plus:

Naming / Logo
Branding Toolkit

From £10,000


Sprint Team

Lindsey Newman-Wood

Lindsey is a Marketing & Brand Consultant and Sprint Master with over 20 years experience in the Marketing Sector. Lindsey's superpower is her ability to ‘cut through the clutter’ and get teams to work better together to achieve great things for the business.

Andy CogDon

Andy is a brand consultant coming from a design background, able to bridge the gap between design communications and strategic thinking. With over 15 years in the creative industries, his superpower is being able to make complex ideas simple to understand and bring them to life, fast.

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