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All too often businesses get caught out thinking changing your brand is about a new logo / website, but underneath nothing changes. However, the brands we love are the ones that stand for something bigger than their products or services.

Our strategic workshop sessions are designed to help you recalibrate a fragmented brand; clarify your brand purpose and model; articulate a clear value proposition for customers; and identify your differentiator/niche.

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when a brand meets the emotional & aspirational needs of their customers, it creates value far beyond their basic functional needs & requirements.
How brands add value

Your brand guide

In seeking to create a powerful brand, our role is of a brand guide; helping you find your own distinctive & authentic brand persona.

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Define your core purpose and brand personality
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Identify your audience and understand their needs
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Decide a on shared future vision and create a roadmap
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Refine your messaging to resonate with your audience
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Differentiate yourself  with a distinctive value proposition
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Design your branding to stand out from the competition
You can choose to define your brand or let others decide it for you. an authentic & purpose driven brand can be the reason people choose you.
What is a brand?
Brand Brief


We love logos, but a new logo is not going to change your brand. We need to go a lot deeper if we want to build a brand that matters to you, your people, and your customers.

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What is your enduring character, what is the goal bigger than money? 

Purpose Statement
Core Values
Brand Personality
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Where do you want to be, who do you want to become, how will you get there?

Future Mapping
Journey Milestones
Vision Statement
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Who are they, what are their needs, what drives their behaviour?

Customer Analysis
Profiles / Avatars
Customer Journey
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How do you create value, what makes you different?

Value Proposition
Brand Architecture
Competitor Analysis
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How do you communicate in a way people can identify & engage with?

Brand Narrative
Tone of Voice
Key Messaging
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How does your branding communicate your brand’s authentic personality?

Naming / Logo
Branding Elements
Imagery / Typography

Brand Sprint

A Brand Sprint is a fast-paced, highly productive (but fun!) workshop set over consecutive days, bringing your team together to work on your brand.
We'll help you get focus on what makes your brand great; getting clarity on your purpose, vision, customer & core offering; and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.
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sprint Options

We recognise the challenges facing every organisation are different. Before we run your sprint, we will work with you to tailor it to your specific context, needs, and desired outcomes.

3 Day Sprint


3 Day Sprint covers the following:

Future Roadmap
Purpose statement
Customer avatars
Core values
Vision statement
Value proposition
Competitor analysis
Brand positioning
Brand Personality
Clarify your offering

From £6,000

4 Day Sprint


Everything in the 3 Day Sprint, plus:

Brand Narrative
Tone of Voice
Key Messaging
Wireframe Homepage

From £8,000

5 Day Sprint


Everything in the 4 Day Sprint, plus:

Naming / Logo
Branding Toolkit

From £10,000


If you’d like to find out more about running a Brand Sprint and how they can refocus your brand, please get in touch to arrange a discovery call with us.

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