May 8, 2019

When is the right time to rebrand?

Going through a rebrand is an expensive and time consuming process. Getting the timing right can be the difference between creating brand value and wasting money.

Andy Cogdon
Andy Cogdon

An opportunity

Rebrands can be a strategic launch tool, helping to roll out a new product offering, change of leadership, or a new direction. Don’t rebrand if all you’re looking for is a PR boost. A new logo alone is not news worthy and may be ignored, or worse mocked and ridiculed. A fresh identity can be a symbol of change, and an opportunity to share a new message with your audience. 

Change of leadership

When a new person or team takes over, changing the branding is an opportunity to make their mark. A new logo becomes symbolic of the new regime, a new era in the company, or a fresh start with fresh possibilities.

New Direction / Location / Product

Likewise, when a company goes through a period of change, moves to a new location, or a substantial a product launch; a rebrand gives you a new platform to tell your audience that something significant has changed. The visual change brings more attention to the functional change which could otherwise have been missed.  

Company Evolution

At various points in a company’s or organisations lifespan, it goes through periods of evolution. Start-ups become sustainable, sustainables become scaleable, scaleables become Fortune 500s. Like a child outgrowing it’s clothes, a company can outgrow it’s branding. What served you well as a start-up may not fit as you seek investors. 

In Summary

If you’re currently thinking about rebranding, don’t do it for the sake of it, make the opportunity count.

Andy Cogdon
Andy Cogdon

Branding Consultant, Strategist and Designer