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Rebrand for London based mental health and wellness training company working with the workplace.


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Based in London, Champs works with major brands and organisations to deliver training and support to leaders and teams around mental wealth. The company is growing rapidly, and as part of their expansion they wanted to take the opportunity to rebrand and develop their online web presence to better distinguish themselves in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. Champs deemed their old branding and logo was felt to be too corporate. What clients loved about Champs was it’s anti-corporate feel, and as a response, they wanted an identity which felt more personal and relatable.


During the strategy sessions, the 3 key words were identified as the characteristics of the brand were; Energetic, Personal, Knowledgeable. Finding the right font was key to making the branding work. It needed to have a energy and flow to it, it needed to feel human and relatable, but still retain its position as a trusted expert in its field. Also crucial was legibility; it needed to be easily readable both big and small, and be read as Champs with a ’Sh’ sound at the beginning (Champ-agne not Champ-ions). For the colour palette we used a green-purple gradient to give it a bold, fresh and positive feel. We worked with a specialist copywriter to bring the brand’s key messaging and tone of voice together, and worked to implement this into Champs new website.

Champs logo before and after
Champs final logo
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