M10 is an organisation working with young people in schools years 10-12 to invest in their personal development.


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Originally started as a missions trip, taking groups of young people to Mexico for a 10 day experience; over time the organisation developed 4 different programmes to schools - M10 Missions (Mexico Trip), The Boy’s Network (mentoring), Own It (work experience), and Inside Out (Workshops). However, the link between these four programmes had become fragmented and there was no overarching story to connect the dots.


M10 Missions was the most well known and recognised brand name, so we decided to develop a new brand architecture. M10 would be the overall master brand name, and the four programmes would be renamed - Missions / Mentors / Masterclass / Momentum. The value proposition could then be shifted to a narrative of ‘investing in young people’, one simple message, with four programmes that fulfil its primary mission. A new visual identity was then developed to bring the brand story to life.

M10 Missions, The Boys Network, Own it, Inside Out
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