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Show your personality

Before, our branding felt too impersonal and corporate, lacking empathy and expression of our core essence of energy. It did not connect with our audience which, for a people consultancy, is highly important.
Now, we now have a brand which shouts and smiles at you! It captures the feeling, you instinctively know that when you partner with Champs it will be fun, confident and energetic.
Ruth Cooper-Dickson
Founder Champs Consulting
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increase Your value

We had the branding of a startup and it was holding us back. We needed people to take us more seriously and increase the perception of our brand in order for us to grow the way we wanted.
Since rebranding we’ve been able to increase our prices by 30% and our revenue is up by 200%. The rebranding process helped us go from a startup brand to high-end service provider.
Joseph Malik
Managing Director, The Distractions
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Engage Your audience

Our team were seeking to rebrand in order to better communicate the nature of our organisation. The rebranding process helped us to sharpen our thinking and brand identity.
Dynamx enabled us to communicate this reimagining through a new identity which was relevant and engaging. It’s made a huge difference and has been a significant contributing factor to the growth we have experienced.
Tim Alford
National Director, Limitless Elim
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