Rebrand for the National Youth Ministry of Elim Pentecostal Churches.


Naming, Logo Design, Branding, Advertising, Exhibition, Merchandise


Limitless supports the work of local churches, runs multiple initiatives, and hosts events for thousands of young people every year. With a change of leadership and direction came the desire for a new name and identity to capture their renewed sense of purpose.


After settling on the 'Limitless', the new name drove the design concept. The new logo couldn’t be boxed in, and it couldn’t be a container for elements. The new identity allows the imagery to show through whilst having enough distinctive characteristics to be distinctive and memorable. Branding elements were developed to distinguish between the different initiatives and events.

Limitless Animated Logo
Logo Horizontal Vertical and Icon
Sub Brand Colour Variations
Limitless Leaflet Designs
Limitless Roller Banner Designs
Limitless Merchandise Design
Limitless Stage
Limitless T-shirt, Exhibition Stand, and Event
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