Victory Church

Rebrand for church in South Wales, with a congregation spanning 3 locations, and global audience through its streaming service.


Branding, Logo Design, Style Guide, Signage, Promotional Material,


With a change of leadership, Victory Church wanted a new brand identity which resolved some of the problems with their old logo, and became symbolic of a new direction for the church. The previous identity was deemed to be too aggressive, with some seeing the red cross element to look like a burning cross. They were looking for a fresh identity which was friendlier, more approachable, and which helped them to build bridges with the communities they serve.


Using the V for Victory, we created a flag which allowed the V to stand on it's own as an icon, as well as with the full version of the logo. This gives victory a stronger identity on their digital platforms, and the typeface creates a fresh, clean and modern feel. Moving the colours from red to blue/green sets a more friendly and approachable tone.

Victory Church logo before and after
Victory Church final logo
Victory Church logo application - banner / screen / icons
Victory Church branding applications - t-shirt / mug / brochure / flags
Victory Church leadership and values poster design
V1000 and Livestream
Victory Church roller banners
Victory Church Icons and Instagram
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